Bollen banana puff is the signature of Kartika Sari®. Processed from highly selected local banana and cheese wrapped with a crisp pastry skin dough. The combination of taste and premium quality makes it legend until now. In addition, other variants that are also favorite to consumer is the mix of cheese and chocolate banana bollen puff, durian, pineapple, and green beans. Which one is your favorite?


Do not give up with failure because it could be an opportunity. Do not believe? Learn from the philosophy of brownies. This porous brownie cake first appeared in public in 1893 during the Columbian Exposition exhibition in Chicago. At first, this brownie called failed because the chef forgot to put developer agent into the cake. Once presented it was even unexpected. Brownies are referred to as the latest cake innovations of the time, and have proved still favored until now.


Enjoy a wide selection of Kartika Sari® bakery products with premium flavors. In 2017 the Kartika Sari® bread division through its subsidiary Kartika Toast® signs a contract with one of Indonesia leading airlines provider. Kartika Sari® bun is presented as special light meal served to all passengers during the flight.


Puff pastry becomes the core business of Kartika Sari® with banana bollen puff as the signature. The tenderness and crisp skin of Kartika Sari® pastry is increasingly in demand with the presence of various variants that fits perfectly with the tongue of Indonesian consumers, even Asian tourists.


Every Kartika Sari® tart creations have their own unique story. Detailing, color, shape, and taste is a professional touch with its own complexity standard compared to the usual cake. All that makes Kartika Sari® tart as the best option to complete your special moments.

Keripik & Jajanan Pasar

At Kartika Sari® you can feel (and get!) your Indonesia culinary travel at ease. A wide selection of hygienic chips and traditional snacks are always in-stock. Whether for your light snacking at home, or for serving in formal events at offices, arisan, seminars, and even hotels. If you have the opportunity to peek into the kitchen behind the scenes of Kartika Sari®, you will be amazed at the speed of the employees who forming those little snack boxes from zero –just like blind typing!