Kartika Sari® as your favorite souvenirs are genuinely made from Ibu Ratnawati’s family recipe that have been collected since the Dutch colonial era. These recipes are well-preserved and researched, before being applied to Kartika Sari® products –to ensure the quality and taste remain perfect. Professional services and materials from Unilever Food Solutions, is one of the leading food service companies in the world that also support Kartika Sari® business today.

Speaking about Kartika Sari® business, it’s just like the puff pastry itself. At first, it looks just like a plain dough. But, once it gets inside the oven, whoa, layer by layer begins to expand into a crisp skin layer and lekker (you know what, surprisingly there’s no such proofer or yeast ingredients used!) How can? Simply, the key is on passion or persistence. Imagine, hundreds of layers of dough that has been thinly rolled up, drawn, folded, rolled again, pulled again, folded again, and continue so until the desired consistency.


There’s no better evidence to prove that this Bandung traditional gift shop was born from an ordinary mother who is into recipes and bread making at home. Started selling limited order from mouth-to-mouth, to the environment of relatives, until finally the first official Kartika Sari® cake shop existed in 1974, with banana bollen puff as the pillar.

Like it or not, we have to keep innovating, upgrade the technological developments of the food industry, make sure that every bites offer quality, face up with emerging competitors, anticipate the up and down buying power, and so on.



All these are finally worth the achievement of Kartika Sari® Group today. No one ever believed if bollen banana puff would come this far with excellent growth. At some occasions, there are numbers of consumer from outside Bandung who are willing to wait just for banana bollen puff come out from the oven. This consistency, persistence and knowledge is transferred by Ibu Ratnawati Purnomo to her 2nd generation of Kartika Sari® Group, as well as to employees who have worked for decades at Kartika Sari®.

Up to now, Kartika Sari® Group has 9 major outlets across major road locations in Bandung, and has grown into two major divisions: Kartika Sari® for puff & Kartika Toast for product line-up that has longer shelf life – to answer need from modern channels throughout Indonesia.

Clearly, mother made is always be the best homemade…